The Sephira Group

Our Essence

Integrity.Excellence. Transcendence.

Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.
— Calvin Coolidge

Our Vision

The Sephira Group’s vision is to always be the preeminent real estate company by developing, owning, and operating exceptional projects in the markets in which we invest. Following the guidance of our core values, we will continuously develop quality assets that will lead to a legacy of positive socio-economic impact that benefits our stakeholders, customers, and communities. That legacy will in turn allow us to uphold our reputation as a firm of integrity, accountability, and transparency within the global real estate community.

Sustainability and social responsibility are an integral part of our ethos, which is why we aim to develop assets that enhance our relationship with the built environment, and simultaneously respect the beauty of the unbuilt environment. Successfully integrating form, function, and sustainability will give our Firm, and our projects, the resiliency to transcend through future generations. 

Furthermore, we are determined to foster a challenging and dynamic work environment through which our team members can become part of TSG's humble, yet relentless pursuit of excellence. 


Our Mission

The Sephira Group’s mission is to become the cornerstone of socially responsible property development, ownership, and operation at a global scale in order to fundamentally enhance our relationship with the built environment.

Core Values  

➤ Integrity  

➤ Accountability 

➤ Transparency

➤ Excellence



Our Investment Approach 

Impact Investing

TSG’s primary goal is to invest and build with the intention to generate a measurable, social or environmental impact alongside a financial return. We look for opportunities that align the interests of our investors with the needs of the surrounding environment; and only move forward when we are certain that long-term positive impact and profitability can be achieved.


At TSG, we encourage creative thinking and ingenuity. Our team is constantly seeking better ways to achieve our goals and solve complex problems surrounding the development process. By prioritizing innovation, we can deliver the highest standards of excellence and surpass the expectations of our customers and investors.  

Due Diligence 

Our due-diligence strategy lies in a finely tuned equilibrium between data driven analytics and qualitative indicators. We use highly comprehensive financial models to project, monitor, and protect our investments; but given the tangible nature of real estate, we also base our decisions on the physical traits of each individual site.


The corporate culture at TSG is one of never being satisfied with the norm and always striving to achieve a higher level of work. Through our entrepreneurial spirit and vision of a better future, TSG will continue to elevate the benchmark of real estate development and create exciting new spaces that inspire unmatched experiences.

Virtuous Design

We are profound believers that intelligent design is just as important as the underwriting behind any given project. For that reason, we meticulously study and plan our developments to ensure a perfect fit with the urban fabric that surrounds them. It is through virtuous design that we seek to create vibrant spaces that improve our relationship with the built environment, and inherently strengthen our investments.  


Real Estate, once built, remains part of a community for years on end. Not building with the future in mind is financially irresponsible, and socially inconsiderate. At TSG, we look to develop irreplaceable assets that significantly elevate their surroundings; ultimately giving our projects the ability to transcend generations and inspire like-minded developers.



The 1:1 PRinciple


At TSG, we believe that as much as we need prosperity in business, we also need prosperity in kindness and charity. This belief led us to proudly establish The 1:1 Principle. TSG's 1:1 principle dictates that for every single one of our projects, there must exist a philanthropic parallel that magnifies its positive impact. We take a very proactive approach towards our philanthropy and are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to give back.

Keep Austin Beautiful 

TSG is proud to call itself an official partner of Keep Austin Beautiful; one of Austin's preeminent philanthropic organizations. Through them, we are adopters of a city creek, and hope to continue giving back to the city that already gives so much to us.